Rose Wognum Frances

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Paint on wood and canvas, mica, incised copper, bullion thread and beads on transparent overlay; silk, wool, garnet, and tourmaline sacred bundle in niche 36”H x 33”W x 3”D 1992 Private Collection
In this retelling of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood is a young woman.  She visits her grandmother, who lives at the heart of the forest.  She knows the old woman has great wisdom to give her. She brings an offering of a sheaf of golden wheat, binding the bright grain with red ribbon.  She wears her glorious crimson mantle, a gift from her grandmother’s wise hands.  When a wolf emerges from a dark thicket along her path, she is not afraid, for she wears her mantle, stitched and woven with the red threads of mother line protection. As her eyes meet the glowing eyes of the wolf, she knows her true strength for the first time. She knows the sacred power of ancestral connection; she knows the unity and strength of her pack. She knows that she is growing into a fierce wildness, the wildness of her emerging creativity.  She knows that if she truly embraces her transformation into her full, wise, womanly self, her naiveté and placidity will be utterly devoured. She walks on to her Grandmother’s house, knowing that two wise teachers will welcome her there.
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