Rose Wognum Frances


“When Both Her Eyes Open, Sun and Moon, Our Hearts Rejoice, Receiving Light.” (Doors open)

Paint on canvas and wood, incised copper, mica, gold leaf, silk, feather, shell, pearls, bullion threads, hematite, amethyst 43”H x 29”W x 6”D. Doors open 3”H x 18”W x 6”D. Doors closed 2002 Private Collection
Hathor, the cow goddess of ancient Egypt, is revealed in the overarching night sky by her shining horns, the crescent moon. The starry path of the Milky Way emerges from her vast blue-black body. With one hand, she holds a feather, a gift from the winds and the endless sky.  With the other, she holds a shell, a gift from the depths of the sea.
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